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By Nancy MiLee posted 09-08-2019 01:10 PM


Some of you may be familiar with an iconic American game show named "Family Feud" where contestants guess results of survey questions. Well, (drum roll, please)... We polled the members of the Academic Advisement Community and we’ve come up with our own rather fun version of “Advising Feud” (if the video won't start in the window below, try this link instead)

 While we have no prizes to give, we can all be winners if you consider these topics along with your great experiences and submit a session for the conference! I know this community has so much to share! In case you’re interested, here are infographics of the survey results:


Other topics suggested by survey participants included:

Report Types; User Programmable Conditions; Investigate All Combinations; Effective Dating; In progress grades in overall requirement, usually under RQ/RG parameters; the process of AA (managing the record keeping of changes, who performs the coding, etc); Planner; Queries combing audit results tables/grad processing/course demand.





For those of you who expressed a topic for the Campfire chat, be sure to submit them separately. If you’re interested in the new Peer Demo format, a presenter need only have one thing to demonstrate (the conference team will group complementary topics into groups of three). Want more information? Check the Submissions Information Page .


Submit your sessions today! The deadline is October 2, 2019. 

Thanks to all who responded to the survey and for your great ideas! (Thank you to Deanne for the fun video!)

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