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2021 Partner of the Year

By Tom Chambers posted 03-16-2021 09:50 AM


The HEUG has an amazing network of valued partners who support our members and our organization each year. They aren’t just booths at our events, but rather they are valuable partners working hand in hand with our members year-round to help drive success at member institutions.  

Members were invited to nominate a partner that went over and above during the course of the past year. We asked these members to share stories of how their nominee impacted their institution in a positive way, and how that nominee represented the HEUG’s Mission.  

In our fifth year we had a ton of nominations to sort through and we want to congratulate all of our partners who received a nomination, Inflight, Nelnet, Performance Architects, Gideon Taylor, Baker Tilly, and Deloitte. 

The HEUG Nominations & Elections Committee scored all the partners against a rubric that includes total number of nominations, overall participation in 2020 Alliance 2020 participationInternational Virtual Week, and a qualitative member submission.  

With 5 total nominations highlighting work with Nicole Oeser at Baylor University and Laura Zimmerman’s work with Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine, and Butler University, it is my pleasure to present Huron as the 2021 Partner of the Year! 

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