Student Records in 2020

By Rhea Leydig posted 09-22-2020 07:40 AM


Things a bit “up in the air” in your student records world? Wondering what/if/how things may change in the fall, not to mention what’s in store for spring? Anyone out there feeling AWESOME? Really, anyone?

In case you need a pick-me-up, some inspiration, or just a bit of a break, here are 7 ideas compiled with the help of a few colleagues. 😊

  1. Consider How to make stress your friend & the importance of reaching out to others. A Ted Talk with Kelly McGonigal.
  2. Try a Mindfulness app and give yourself a break.
  3. MUSIC!! Create/Find a positive, energizing playlist. Maybe you’d like some of these?
  4. Walk & get outside. Getting cold? Consider treating yourself to exercise equipment that allows you to “be outside” through apps.
  5. Like to cook? Set up a team recipe sharing channel and try something new. This one’s become a favorite at my house.
  6. Watch and debate the Top Movies of All Time.
  7. Start a book club! Or, just read on your own!

Other ideas? Please share!