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New TOI: Student Financials 1098T Functional Overview

By Bonnie Raper posted 08-06-2014 09:57 AM


A new TOI (Transfer of Information) is available on My Oracle Support which provides an overview of the 1098T updates provided in the July 2014 CS 9.0 Bundle (#34). Included in the July bundle are the following changes to 1098T processing:

  • Improvements to manage the default SSN values of XXX-XX-XXXX
  • Improvements to the Audit/Validation Report
  • Ability to accurately report amounts Billed or Paid, Financial Aid and prior year adjustments (eliminates amounts being overreported)
  • Reporting of waivers as financial aid, based on institutional setup
  • A batch job to print the 1098-T forms in .pdf format so pre-printed forms are no longer necessary
  • Additional details on the self-service Box Amounts drill down
  • Additional edit messages


TOIs are free of charge and are intended to provide Oracle customers with the latest information, clear demonstrations, and online examples of new and enhanced feature functionality.  They can be accessed by going to Oracle Applications TOI (Transfer of Information) Online Training [ID 732026.1] on My Oracle Support and selecting PeopleSoft from the displayed drop down list.  When you make that selection you’ll be transferred to the Oracle University PeopleSoft subcategory page which contains the link PeopleSoft: Campus Solutions.  Once you’re in that subcategory page, you can use the area links (in this case Student Financials (PeopleSoft))  to access and start the recording(s).


Many thanks to Oracle for providing this TOI!  I'm anxious to view this myself and get the details on how Oracle has improved 1098T processing!

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