FA PAG News Notes - Volume 13, 15 March 2018: All About Alliance, Part 2 Building your Agenda, Step 2

By Jessica Holler posted 03-15-2018 10:20 AM


Building your Agenda for Alliance PRIOR to attending the conference is critical.

The only way the Conference Committee can assign rooms of the correct size is if folks have actually selected their sessions before the conference begins.  Not only will this allow the conference committee to do their jobs, it will also keep us from overcrowding some rooms thereby violating Fire and Safety regulations.

 To make things easier let’s break this down into three steps:

Step 1: Review the Agenda, Make Decisions
Step 2: Download the App
Step 3: Build Your Agenda

Now that you have made most of your decisions download the HEUG Events App.  In addition to that, take some time to watch the instructional videos:

  • Getting Started Using the HEUG Events App
  • Create Your Schedule Using the HEUG Events App
  • Explore More Options in the HEUG Events App

 Here is a link to that page at HEUG Online: