Campus Community Advisory Group - Focus and Resources

By Kristin Krowiorz posted 05-01-2019 04:11 AM


Title: Campus Community Advisory Group - Focus and Resources

Author: Kristin Krowiorz, Fox Valley Technical College

Article: This article aims to introduce the Campus Community Advisory Group, related resources, and ways to stay engaged.


Who We Are

The Campus Community Advisory Group (CC AG) is comprised of active members with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.  You can learn more about the current members here.


What does the CC AG cover?

We love the 3Cs dearly.  However, our mission goes beyond those tried and true favorites.  We also advocate and support system functionalities known as common or shared product features.  Just a few examples of our group’s interests include Activity Guides, Notification Framework, Duplicate Resolution, and the Common Attribute Framework.  The shared nature of these features provides exciting opportunities to collaborate with other Advisory Groups.


More formally, the mission of the CC AG is to represent the interests of higher education institutions worldwide that use the PeopleSoft Campus Community module, relevant functionalities, tools and frameworks alone or in conjunction with other software and services with a special emphasis on education and advocacy for the community. These efforts also include an “eye to the future” with regard to the current use and continued development of the relevant functionality in the Oracle Student Cloud.  By the way, for HEUG members interested in all things PeopleSoft Campus Community, the Student Cloud term to be on the lookout for regarding "like" concepts and constructs is a set of functionality, frameworks, etc. that Oracle calls Shared Products.


Resources & Education

We seek to advocate for what you need and help provide education and resources for what is important to you.  For example, we all know that time and resources are limited.  These limitations sometimes prevent our institutions from adopting new features as they are released.  One of our main goals for the year ahead is to continue to help you explore new and underused features.  Additionally, with the Oracle Student Cloud product available, and continued development in full swing, we are collaborating with Oracle in a focus group structure that leverages the Advisory Group and other HEUG community members.  We also remain focused on topics related to data privacy and governance.


Please say hello!

We want to learn more about what all types of institutions (large, small, public, private, geographically diverse, etc.) want to know about.  To that end, we sincerely welcome and appreciate your feedback.  Please tell us what you need from the products you use and what you want to learn about.  Below are some ways you can engage with us:

Topic Suggestions:  Do you have something you would like to learn about in a blog or webinar?  Do you want to guest blog or host a webinar to share your knowledge about something you have worked very hard to master?  In either case, submit your ideas via this survey.

Our Community Home: Our CC Community Home is a great place to see a summary of the HEUG’s CC Activities (you can make it a favorite by clicking the heart icon on the left side of the page).

Blogs: Check out the CC AG blog series to learn more about things like what CC functionality is in the latest PUM Image or read Paul Steenkamp’s popular blog about how to get started with Activity Guides:

    1. Featured Topics Educational Blog Series
    2. 9.2 Educational Blog Series
    3. Cloud Educational Blog Series

Our Discussion Forums:  Post questions, ideas, and issues for discussion with the community (you can favorite one of the forums by clicking the heart icon on the left side of the main forum page): Campus Community Related Forums

The CC File Library: Look for files filled with information from our community here.

Twitter: Stay in touch with updates from the CC AG by following @CCPAG: CC AG on Twitter

Webinars: The CC AG hosts webinars for the community on relevant topics.  We have two exciting topics scheduled for the month of May.  Learn more about them here.


Thank you for helping to make the HEUG.Online community what it is.  We hope to hear from you soon!