Campus Community Advisory Group Summit 2020 Updates

By Paul Steenkamp posted 04-15-2020 09:56 AM


Title: Campus Community Advisory Group Summit 2020 Updates
Authors: CC AG (2020)

The Summit and Alliance conference usually starts a new year and cycle for the HEUG Advisory Groups. We usually meet at the Summit before the conference to review our past activities, finalize member roles and plan the next set of goals and activities to support, guide and educate our Community. This also includes the Campus Community Oracle Product Managers and Strategists. As you know these goals, plans and activities are shared with you at either our Mingle or Birds of a Feather sessions during the conference.

Sadly, personal discussions, networking and sharing were not possible this year due to the COVID-19 situation globally. We as a Group decided to meet virtually to keep the tradition going. We scheduled and attended two informal yet very productive Zoom meeting sessions. Video was mandatory which made discussing business quite interesting and fun although it does not match up to the two full days at a regular Summit. That said, we are sharing our goals, plans and activities through this blog update. Here is a photo of our AG and Oracle representatives holding up the tradition.

 CC AG Summit Meeting

Below are some updates and member messages for the year ahead:

  • Member Roles
  • Goals
  • Plans and Activities
  • Member Messages

Member Roles
Like every year there were role movements for members as well as new members that have joined. Firstly, we welcomed Mario Berry as our new HEUG Board Liaison. Secondly, Matt Hansen and Jami Kong attended their first Summit as our Communications and Education Co-Chair and Marketing/Outreach and Education Coordinator roles respectively. Lastly, we are going to miss Stephen Brawn and Kee Chang, they rolled off last year. More Member role movements and information can be viewed on our Meet the CC AG page here.

The AG Goals are always a hot topic for discussion and we again spent much time reviewing these. We agreed to keep our goals with minor changes in some areas. Our Goals for this cycle are:

New and Underused Feature Exploration

  • Focus on Integrations between PeopleSoft and other Oracle and non-Oracle products
  • Continue to seek a deeper understanding of what types of issues are most pressing for community members; address those issues using executive summaries and direct communication with product vendors.
  • Educate and engage in information sharing with the community around product updates and PUM Image releases and features, best practice use and optimization of the product.

Cloud Exploration

  • Focus on Integrations between Oracle’s Student Cloud solutions and other Oracle and non-Oracle products.
  • Educate and facilitate discussions resulting in a shared and practical understanding of Cloud concepts and Cloud products.
  • Provide resources for institutions at multiple phases of the Cloud exploration process, from curiosity to implementation and optimization.
  • Increase community awareness of Cloud product business cases, needs, processes, and outcomes (e.g. short Cloud blog posts and forum participation).
  • Seek a deeper understanding of what types of issues and needs are most pressing for Cloud functionality, resulting in recommendations and summaries.
  • Promote awareness around Cloud release methodologies, functionality and the associated user impact.

Engage Community (Global Focus)

  • Continue developing Engagement Model/Options and ideas for Board.
  • Continue to enhance the CC Blog Experience by optimizing the topics and organization of articles, delivering relevant content in a timely manner.
  • Utilize new tools as released to deliver content in a variety of easily accessible formats.
  • Regularly conduct webinars on topics frequently discussed or requested by community members (At least 3 per year; at least one with an International focus).
  • Develop suggested standards for Alliance session delivery (including global focus) to encourage consistency and clear messaging for attendees.
  • Continue to use new approaches to foster the CC Forum activity with the purpose of furthering the AG Goals and Mission; continue to monitor MyOracle Support Communities (MOSC) and update the forum as appropriate.

Data Privacy and Governance

  • Educate the community on frameworks and current features available for data privacy and governance.
  • Conduct Campus Community Specific Action (apart from previous Working Group results).
  • Synthesize user experience and information into a bigger benefit (e.g. Red Papers).

More information about how we achieve our Goals can be viewed here.

Plans and Activities
Our plans and activities for this cycle will be aligned to the goals mentioned above. We will be adding more content to our blog and webinar series. The content will range from Cloud, Fluid, Student Activity Guides, Comm Gen functionality and more, just to name a few. New features and functionality that we are excited about is the Activity Guide Composer, but more on this will follow.

Our blog and webinar series are available from these links:

New content including highlights are advertised on Twitter:

If you haven’t seen or heard yet, Alliance 2020 has gone Virtual from 18 to 22 May this year. More information and registration options are available here. It’s also the CC AG’s turn to host a Feature Month again, so keep an eye on our forum and Social Media for links to extra educational content during May. Be sure to follow @CCPAG on Twitter.

We encourage our experts to join in on blogs and webinars to educate our Community. Another option is to tell us what content you would like to learn about or to see more of. Please feel free to contact any of us directly, post a message in our forum or complete this open survey.

Member Messages

Kirsty McConn-Palfreyman
"If a virtual Summit is anything to go by I can tell you that a virtual Alliance is going to be fun! Ok, it is not the same as being together in person but it will allow us that annual opportunity to discuss what is going on in our institutions, share ideas, network, innovate and of course learn from each other. I hope to see many of you at Virtual Alliance in May"

Max Herman
"This year looks to be a challenging one across higher ed, but the rich networking and collaboration resources that have always been a part of the HEUG community will help us all to adapt and remain resilient.  We on the AG look forward to supporting and facilitating this work to the best of our ability by helping the community share ideas, discussion, and solutions"

Jami Kong
"I am excited to be a new member of the Campus Community Advisory Group! I was very much looking forward to the opportunity to meet in person, but our virtual Summit was a great chance to collaborate despite the circumstances and I have quickly learned what a great group this is to be working with. I look forward to sharing and engaging further with our community as there are some exciting things ahead!"

Matt Hansen
"I was super bummed out that Alliance was canceled, as I was looking forward to meeting and collaborating with the CC AG in Philly. We made the best of it with our virtual Summit and I’m looking forward to serving as the Communications and Education Co-Chair for the upcoming year!"

Stu Churchill-Hoyer
"Despite not being able to meet in Philly, the CC AG made sure we still got together, albeit virtually, to review and celebrate accomplishments from last year, talk about lessons learned, make plans for the upcoming year and have at least a little chance to network and enjoy each other’s company …. From a safe distance.   It was especially nice to also spend some time with our Oracle colleagues to hear from them and get a chance to ask a few questions and hear about some things coming down the road.  And I have to say, I was especially impressed there were no pajamas or dirty faces (at least from the waist up) so that has to say something about the truly special nature of the event!  As always though, whether it be in person or web-conferencing or whatever, what’s always great about these kinds of HEUG events is that it’s all about colleagues and collaboration; I always walk away realizing how lucky I am, and how lucky and empowered we are as members of the HEUG community"

Kristin Krowiorz
"While nothing beats the energy when we gather in the same room, I am thankful technology allowed us to meet and align our goals for the year. It is an honor to serve the HEUG community with such a fun and dedicated group of people. I am especially looking forward to continuing our new and underused feature exploration"

Paul Steenkamp
 “Kristin, Thank You for your exceptional and inspiring leadership in the last cycle. You have set the bar very high. I’m humbled and grateful for the opportunity to Chair our Advisory Group and I’m looking forward to working and learning from you all while representing our Community"

Right now, it's with no doubt that Higher Education Institutions are facing many challenges due to COVID-19. One of them, the shift to online learning with the additional pressure and complexities involved. We want to assure you of our commitment to achieve our mission, goals and representing our HEUG Community.

For now, stay safe and keep others safe.