Student Financials Upcoming HEUG Educational Series

By Buddy Combs posted 10-15-2013 07:06 AM


The Student Financials PAG invites you to register for some upcoming HEUG Educational Series webinars presented by our SF community experts. These educational opportunities presented by the Student Financials PAG offer the SF community with best practices and information related to new features and product issues. These webinars are free of charge for all Institutional and Allied Group Members. Registration for these events are $59 to Subscriber Members and must be paid by credit card.

Related Content – Custom Page Views in Campus Solutions Using Delivered Functionality

The University of Colorado has leveraged Campus Solutions Related Content functionality to provide staff more customized views on common Student Financials pages (View Customer Accounts, Post Student Payments, etc.) This session will outline the setup involved inn configuring related content and share ideas for where it can be most useful. The ideas presented will help schools more efficiently provide service to students.

John Hanna, Student Financials Application Manager at the University of Colorado

November 14, 2013 3 pm eastern



Student Refunding through Accounts Payable

Presentation will show the set-up done at our institution to allow the refunding process to send two different types of credits on a student’s account into Accounts Payable based on the item type. It includes the use of the student banking information to allow both check and electronic fund transfer payments. The two types of credits are 1) Federal Loans and 2) all other which we split into two different bank accounts to keep the loan funds separated. As we move into the Integration Broker, we will show how a few customizations that made it possible to send the correct XML information to Accounts Payable for the voucher build. Accounts Payable staff take over the process from here as part of their normal pay-cycle process. Checks are created from two different accounts and two files are produced to upload to the bank for the ACH transfer for each bank.

Charles Cambre, Assistant Controller at Southeastern Louisiana University

November 19, 2013 3 pm eastern



Collections Module made easy to process students in an efficient and effective manner!

I will provide an overall purpose of the Collections Module, explain some basic setup required, identify workflow, and briefly describe some modifications along the way and finally review a customized Collections Agency Extract Report that can be sent to various collection agencies.

Angela O’Leary, Business Analyst, Student Financials with North Dakota University System

December 4, 2013 2 pm eastern



A special thanks to John, Charles and Angela for their time and effort in providing the SF Community with their expertise.