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VP Product February Blog

By Buddy Combs posted 02-01-2022 04:58 PM


Over the past few months, your Advisory Groups are preparing for our Alliance 2022 Conference in Seattle Washington.  After two years of virtual Alliances, we are back in person and even though we may have some apprehension due to current events there is an excitement of being able to come together and network in person.  The ability to share our successes within our institutions, learn new tricks from our peers, and greet a friend to catch up in person, is what makes Alliance the place to be in March 2022.  Even with the excitement, there is also a sadness as we know several of our peers are not going to be in attendance due to budget restrictions and travel limitations, we are going to miss their presence.

Over these past several years our Advisory Groups have encountered many changes and yes obstacles along the way.  From the consolidation of Advisory Groups, elimination of the Advisory Group in-person Summit, the requirement of a matrix of the early tasks, to the cancellation of two Alliance conferences.  In each of these obstacles, your Advisory Group members pulled together as professionals and endured to maintain their mission of Education and Advocacy for you the member.  In the past several years Advisory Groups embraced a monthly engagement process in which they put on additional webinars, asked seeded questions to the listserv, engaged in Coffee Breaks for virtual networking sessions, and even a virtual Birds of a Feather sessions.

As my Board term ends March 2022, know it has been an honor to serve as the facilitator of our Advisory Groups over the past several years.  Advisory Groups are a dedicated team providing HEUG members with their knowledge, skills set by providing and facilitating global support and educational webinars to your institutions which in turn provide efficiencies to you and your students.   Thanks to Lew Conner and Steven Hahn for seeing potential in my skills to be a member of this global Board of Directors, to Mario Berry, Jane Broad, Jason Wenrick, and Mike Russell for their faith including me as a member of the HEUG Executive Team and to facilitate the Advisory Groups.  Thanks to the team at Oracle who help guide our teams over the years Susan Beidler, Nicole Engelbert, and Rebekah Jackson it is a great partnership.  Thanks to all past and current Board members, without your guidance these past several years would not be as successful. 

Thank you to all current and former Advisory Group members, your dedication to the HEUG is unparalleled.  Grateful for your time and effort over these years as we have gone through many opportunities and know you and your teams will continue to provide HEUG members with education and advocacy as we move into this new era.

With gratitude and honor





02-03-2022 05:56 PM

Thank you Buddy for all you have done for HEUG and Alliance conferences for so many years.
I can't believe it's over 20 years that we have been on this journey together. First as members of the SF PAG back in Pleasanton and then as part of many other adventures like presenting together, on working groups, on speed dial for strange production issues where I need calm and rational input on how to resolve them. And of course,  those countless times where we had some good laughs over dinners! Oh, and hugs, can't forget those! I am so thankful for your friendship and our chance to bond over the years!   cbc

02-02-2022 01:12 PM


I think we met early 2000s when I was on the Student Financials Advisory Group and I have always enjoyed reading your posts, chatting with you during Alliance Conferences and seeing you at Advisory Group meetings as well. Thank you so much for what You have done for the HEUG -- your knowledge and expertise has been very much appreciated. Good Luck in your future!


02-02-2022 08:08 AM

Hi Buddy!

Loved working with you while I was on the Conference team. You are always supportive and very knowledgeable in your area of expertise. 
Thanks for your commitment to the HEUG and for your ever helpful nature.
Health and happiness always!

(Canadian) Jane,

02-02-2022 07:36 AM

Buddy, thank you for all you have done for the HEUG all these years. I have always enjoyed reading your blogs and seeing you during some of the AG meetings. Good luck with everything down the road.

02-02-2022 06:49 AM

Hey Buddy.  Thank you for all of the time spent on the HEUG Board.  I very much appreciate the time and effort you have invested into the Advisory Groups, as well as the work previously done on the Regional Conferences.  The HEUG is a better organization because of your participation.  Good Luck on whatever comes next!