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Security and Authentication with Workday Q&A Discussion

Join Workday and User Experts for a live Q&A discussion. You can submit any hot topics or questions you have when you register or wait and bring them up live. This is your opportunity to join live conversation and ask your unique questions around how Workday handles security and...

 05-25-2021 | 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM ET

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PSUG Tech/Tools Webinar: PeopleSoft Administration & Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Presenters: Dan Iverson and Kyle Benson Overview: Join Dan and Kyle from as they discuss PeopleSoft Administration and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). They will be giving an overview of how enhanced security, high-availability, disaster recovery, and automation are possible...


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The impact of user requirements on the future IT landscape, and how to get there

Most institutions are utilising various technologies and solutions. Looking forward there are plenty of challenges ahead, besides COVID-19. Our business users and students are expecting a modern, flexible solution which helps them, rather than obstructs. Being able to adapt to new...

9093 The impact of user requirements on the future IT landscape.mp4

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PeopleSoft: Beyond Hardening. A look at new threats.

What can you do when MFA and SSL/TLS are not enough protection? We'll look at what's available to help harden systems, but also examine other ways of reducing the attack surface with emerging threats and current concerns for security and privacy.

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Avoid Carpal Tunnel: Streamline with File Parser

Azusa Pacific University has successfully implemented and utilized the File Parser utility to reduce manual input on several labor intensive processes. In this session we will look at the various steps involved in creating a filer parser (both within and before PeopleSoft) (almost) exclusively...

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Upholding the Value of the HEUG Membership

As the excitement of the annual Alliance conference wears off, we turn our attention to the important tasks at hand, ensuring the value of HEUG membership remains high and increases over time. One of the important ways we’re doing that is through strategic partnerships with organizations across...

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Business Process Automation by RPA

Provide overview of how technologies and robotics can be used to automate business processes.

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Digital engagement platform

We today live in the cusp of rapidly changing customer expectations. Every customer wants a consistent, personalized experience when interacting with an institution - its products, services and brands. Customer engagement channels are either human-managed thereby lack in providing consistent...